Speaking Programs 

Since delivering the keynote for the Global Citizenship Conference at McMaster University in 2007,  Leo has spoken to thousands of audiences around the world. An enthralling, captivating speaker and storyteller, Leo is capable of uplifting any audience through his thought provoking journey of growing up on refugee camps in West Africa. He invokes a deep sense resilience, compassion, leadership and humanity by instilling powerful mindsets, action-oriented solutions and fostering relationships. Leo speaks primarily at conferences, banquets, and to student audiences who are fascinated by his challenges, successes and practicality in tackling complicated world issues. Topics include: "what is your inspiration," "guarding your dreams," "the stupidity of aid," "from refugee to refuge," "the refugee crisis never happened," "success is your greatest risk, not failure," "it is not about your grades," "your youth is not a decease," "no more business as usual," among others.

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions and campuses can be a place of tremendous inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds. Leo shares how his early education journey served as a catalyst for tremendous inspiration and resourcefulness in trouble shooting some of the world's most pressing issues.

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Charities, NGO, Religious Institutions

Leo shares a powerful framework for the role of charitable, non - governmental and religious organizations in community organizing and engagement. Professionals leave with a heightened appreciation of their role in society, their peers and themselves. 

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Corporate Institutions

As a Social Entrepreneur, Leo uses his life story and success to explore the power of social corporate responsibility. He expertly delves into a world where the "business of future" is rooted in the development of "products of humanity" and long term profitability is tied to community development and well being.